Ophthalmology Clinic

Let’s have a look to our history

We have been working for 20 years in the field of Ophthalmology in order to develop techniques to improve the treatment of the most common diseases.We are very proud to offer practical solutions to our patients while obtaining positive results without taking unnecessary risks. Our medical ethos is:

“Primum non nocere”, in other words; first, do no harm, do not destabilize the patient while treating him/her.

Formerly in medicine, the doctor-patient relationship was a tradition and it was considered sacred. Nowadays, this link has lost value due to being in a rush and technology. We try to nourish it with devotion and closeness and we believe that the most important source of information is the patient himself. A complete examination and above all an accurate evaluation of the symptoms and signs found during the exam are fundamental information confirmed or complemented by clinical tests.


The second pillar that is very important for us is a global vision of the patient as during the ophthalmologic consultation it may that the problem only lies in the eye while actually this is not true.


For us the appearance of a disease is simply a change, in other words, the symptoms of the patient are simply manifestations of the adaptation to this change. At a given time, the person is producing an internal change and these changes very often bring along with them the appearance of, for example: apparent itches, irritations, vision loss that at first are not due to known pathologies or clinical pictures and that are simply an adaptation on a psychological level through stressful situations, workplace and coexistence issues.


This holistic vision very often allows us to treat the diseases in depth; not simply with a medicine that stops itching but does not resolve the underlying problem. The third pillar is to transcend and to overtake the new technologies developed in recent years. Ophthalmology is one of the fields that has advanced the most in medicine (above all in surgery) but also in the field of pharmacology. Nowadays, we can carry out tasks safely and with outstanding results that just a decade ago seemed to impossible.

Research and application of new techniques

Our Institute is working to transcend and improve common technologies. We are working in the glaucoma field developing new kinds of lasers and in fixed implant systems that achieve therapeutic success, in other words, the control of the intraocular pressure, through one operation. We investigate ion laser treatments for presbyopia and we have also worked in corneal implants. We have developed ring-shaped implants that enable treating keratoconus and we have helped develop intraocular lens techniques for cataract surgery.


We are pioneers in this field in Spain and we have not only worked with technology but also in the field of pharmacology, developing protocols for the treatment of common diseases such as dry macular degeneration and also retinal vein occlusion. These illnesses, if not treated in time, can cause very serious vision loss.

Our innovation defines us

We have achieved great advances in the field of rehabilitation. For us, vision rehabilitation is a new specialty in the field of ophthalmology. Nowadays, vision rehabilitation is used to stop the process of myopization, in other words, to stabilize myopia so that the eye is not going to grow anymore. It is also useful to improve visual acuity in cases of amblyopia, lazy eye, achieving longer lasting results than those obtained through conventional means (results that go further the youth and adult age). In addition, it is useful to treat strabismus, to decrease the angle of deviation. It can be performed on patients that have gone through cataract surgery with a conventional lens in order to improve close vision and to read without glasses. This is possible thanks to modern vision rehabilitation techniques developed in our institute.


They are harmless treatments that enable the treatment of serious diseases. For example, we have developed protocols for stopping the progression cataracts or to avoid the progression of glaucomas. We also use these types of therapies for macular degeneration, the degeneration of the center of the retina, for nerve paralysis that affect the cranial nerves and can cause double vision and for facial paralysis, in other words, for multiple serious degenerative pathologies.


Nowadays a concept of nutritional medicine is starting to prevail over what we were used to, coercive or braking method for our body. The stimulation of natural mechanisms allows us to correct numerous chronic and degenerative pathologies that otherwise could not be treated with positive results. True medicine is not the one that gets rid of the symptom but the one that produces a balance of the human being on a physical, energy and conscious level.

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